Hey there, enjoyed this week’s article! I’d love to chime in about the NewSpace decline section--I’ll point out the 2nd link Article is an opinion piece written by a professional who’s career has largely been in government relations. To me, that article has a predictable and understandable bias to it, and while an interesting perspective, certainly isn’t hard hitting factual journalism.

The broader fact you discuss that investments in new space are lower this year than they were at their peaks a few years back to me seems a natural and expected part of this nascent industry’s growing pains. Similarly, the SPAC route fell out of favor a year ago, and the struggles the companies that went that direction were pretty predictable, and we’re seeing that play out accordingly now.

I think it’d be super interesting (if it fits in your planned topic coverage of course!!) your view of new space investments over the last ten years or so and this year’s dip relative to where space investments were pre-SpaceX, and what sorts of market environment factors have affected it.

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