I strive to avoid errors in my writing. From time to time, however, it is inevitable that I will make mistakes or get things wrong. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you find a mistake, or if I’ve said something you know to be wrong. Wherever possible I will correct errors.

That applies not just to scientific or technical errors, but to errors of language or spelling (please remember that I follow the rules of British English, rather than American English). I will also happily accept constructive feedback on articles or content; and will be delighted to accept proposals for future content.

As a general policy, I attempt to provide sources and links to support what I am writing, and to provide further reading for those interested in learning more. All numbers and statistics quoted are checked, sometimes exhaustively.

I will avoid sensational headlines - unless really merited - and will equally apply a degree of skepticism to sensational reports and claims made by others. Here I will stay faithful to the standard often promoted by Carl Sagan: “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”.