What Is The Quantum Cat?

It was Erwin Schrödinger who famously introduced the quantum cat. He did so in an attempt to ridicule the established view of quantum physics: a theory that seemed to say a cat could be both alive and dead at the same time. Cats, he wanted to believe, followed the laws of common sense; either here or there, either dead or alive.

Ever since, the meaning of the quantum cat has been debated. Is the cat really both dead and alive at once? What can such a thing even mean? Does the cat somehow split into two parallel universes, alive in one and dead in another? Yet one thing has always been clear: cats are indeed quantum beings.

The Quantum Cat, however, does not limit itself to quantum physics, or even science itself. At its core, this newsletter is about the relationship between humanity and science, about how this relationship has driven the long history of civilization, about the people and places where the relationship manifests itself today, and about the deep trends driving the future of both.

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Hi! I am Alastair Williams, the writer behind The Quantum Cat. I have been a physicist, briefly worked in extra-galactic astronomy and, for the last decade or so, a space industry professional. I’ve worked with satellite systems, telescopes, space operations and for several years been an active member of the NewSpace community.

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